Boat Builder

Imagine having a personal vessel to use anytime to fulfill your need to be surrounded by the tranquility of water. Owning a boat is a luxury in itself. So, it is imperative to find the vessel that will perfectly match your taste and budget.

Finding that dreamboat is not that hard when you have Surtees to advise you on the best boats available in the market. We are experts in ships of all shapes and sizes. Let us know your boat requirements or specifications, and we will find what you exactly need. If we can‘t source it, we will seek a professional team who can build it for you.

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Our website is also an excellent resource for just when you want to know about a particular boat or when you just feel like window-shopping for one. We hope that our available resources will be helpful in your quest for your kind of boat. Now that’s what our service is all about!

Welcome aboard!